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Grant Cycle Timeline

This timeline gives local cultural council members a broad overview of council business throughout the year.

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LCC Chairs: MCC will send allocation information to LCC chairs at the end of August. The council should be sure that the council contact information and member records are up-to-date on the online office so that MCC has the correct contact information.

Publicize the grant program and distribute applications. LCCs can send a press release to local newspaper in August to inform the public about the upcoming grant cycle.

MCC will send LCC chairs instructions and offer technical assistance to prepare for a September meeting with the municipality's fiscal officer. If any grant recipients from the past have not completed their projects or requested reimbursement within one year of their approval letter, there may be accumulated "unencumbered funds" in the council's account that need to be re-granted.

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September 1 is the deadline for councils to finalize and post council priorities on the council's profile.

LCC chairs should be sure that they received the allocation information from the MCC, as it contains important information about the grant cycle. Councils should call or email their staff contact if they did not receive it.

LCCs must publicize the grant program, guidelines, and online application within its community.

LCCs must meet with the municipality's fiscal officer by September 30 to complete the LCC Account Form. During the meeting, the council and the municipality should compare account records and work out any discrepancies.

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Remember to collect any hard copy applications from the council mailbox (if your council accepts them). Applications must be postmarked by the October deadline.

LCCs must submit the LCC Account Form to the MCC through Section One of the Annual Report in the online office by October 15. Councils should use their LCC Account Form from their municipal fiscal officer to complete this step.

After the October 15 deadline, online submissions will be collated by the MCC for each LCC and delivered to the council in the form of a PDF Panel book.

Schedule the grant cycle voting meeting. Be sure to print out the Voting Meeting Calculation Sheet to prepare financial information for voting meeting.

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Continue working on the Annual Report to the MCC.

PDF Panel books will be emailed to councils on or before November 1.

Between November 1 and December 30 councils hold voting meetings to make decisions on applications, send denial letters, and handle reconsideration.

Remember: Councils must wait until after the Annual Report is complete before sending out approval notifications.

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Hold your voting meeting and send out disapproval letters via hard copy or email by December 30. Wait for the 15 day reconsideration period to pass and check council mailbox and email regularly for reconsideration requests.

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Complete the Annual Report to MCC by January 15, and notify successful applicants.

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If the council hasn't already done so, notify successful applicants through an approval letter, via hard copy or email.

Publicize the grant awards and consider hosting a grantee reception to honor the grant recipients.

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LCCs are required to gather community input. Spring is a great time to reach out to the community.

Meet to review community input results to help develop council priorities. Update this information on the council's profile before September 1.

Continue to check the council mailbox for reimbursement requests. Process these requests as they are received.

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Mark your calendars with the key deadlines for the upcoming fiscal year:

  • Application deadline: October 15. In years when the October 15 deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the statewide deadline becomes the Monday immediately following October 15.
  • Deadline to submit LCC Account Form: October 15.
  • State deadline for LCCs to submit the Annual Report to MCC: January 15.

Continue to check the council mailbox for reimbursement requests.

Hold a reception to honor grant recipients.

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Continue to check the council mailbox for reimbursement requests. Process these requests as they are received.

Councils should take no longer than four weeks to forward approved reimbursement requests to the municipal treasurer.

Attend some of the projects that your LCC has funded. Site visits give council members an opportunity to evaluate the quality and community impact of funded projects firsthand. Members will be more knowledgeable and effective evaluators when it comes time to vote on applications in the fall.

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LCC Chairs: The new council passwords will be emailed/mailed to chairs and members in mid-June. If member contact information has recently changed, please update them in the online Member List ASAP so that members will receive important communications. The new passwords will go into effect on July 1.

Spring cleaning and council maintenance. It is a great time to conduct community input and start to develop council priorities. It is also important to update the council's profile and member list.

Continue to check the council mailbox for reimbursement requests. Process these requests as they are received. Councils should take no longer than four weeks to forward approved reimbursement requests to the municipal treasurer.

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All LCC members, including staff and administrators must take the online Basics Training within the first three months of joining their council to fulfill the training requirement. Encourage all members who have not completed the training to do so.

Publicize council priorities by posting them to the council's profile by September 1. Make sure the council's public contact information on the council's profile is up to date.

Update the council member list to make sure the online member list reflects the latest appointments and office changes. Add email addresses for members that have them listed to help us save on time and paper!

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Applicant reimbursement process occurs throughout the year, beginning in January, as grantees projects are complete.

Update the council's membership information and recruit new members as six-year term limits approach.

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