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LCC Program Training

To be an effective LCC member, it is important to know the requirements and processes used to administer the grant cycle. An online training course and video tutorials are available to help teach you the ins and outs of the LCC Program.

LCC Basics Training

The best place to get an introduction to the LCC Program is through the LCC Online Basics Training. All new members are required to take the training within the first three months of their service. The training will inform you about the grant cycle timeline, the types of grants that can be approved, what kinds of projects are eligible and how to review a grant application. You’ll also learn about how your council works, how meetings are conducted, how your council’s finances are organized, and the role of community input in the work of your council. The training will provide you with the tools you need to be a part of this exciting program, and serves as your orientation to the local cultural council program.

Take the LCC Basics Training

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Watch Video Tutorials

A number of web videos are available to help members navigate the LCC website. These brief tutorials highlight the various features and resources on the site, as well as provide step-by-step instructions for completing the Annual Report, updating your member list, and more.

Welcome to the MCC Site: Get to know the LCC Online Toolkit and the resources available to members through this video overview.

Logging In: Looking to access the Annual Report and other council specific information in the Toolkit? Watch this video to learn how to log in to the site.

The Annual Report: Familiarize yourself with the online report that goes to the MCC as a final part of the grant cycle.

Section 1 : The LCC Account Form: The first step of the Annual Report, this video explains the components of the LCC Account form, including definitions for what’s reported on the form.

Section 2: Calculating the Amount Available for Granting: This video is a step by step guide to completing Section 2, and shows how councils can determine the amount available for granting prior to the voting meeting to avoid over/undergranting.

Sections 7 & 8: Coming Soon!

Grant History: Learn how to access prior years’ applications, search for specific applications, and export to excel for mail merges and record keeping.

Member Info: An overview on adding new members, updating member records and status, and highlights email and export features.

Council Info: Learn how to customize your council page with contact information, photos, and council news and events.

Council Priorities: Learn how to post and format your council priorities, and where applicants can find your council profile.

Application: Coming Soon!

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