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Carlisle Cultural Council

The Carlisle Cultural Council is a 9-member volunteer group of Carlisle residents interested in the arts and humanities who support local cultural initiatives and vote on local grant applications. Our goal is to serve our community by supporting and producing both participatory and audience-based cultural and arts activities which benefit local residents. To better understand the cultural needs of our community, the Council sponsors a town-wide survey at least every 3 years. In May/June 2020, 162 people completed our online survey. Here are some highlights: •••Respondent Profile: • Nearly 75% have lived in town for 3+ years; • nearly 38% for 20+ years; • about 60% have children at home; • About 80% attend cultural events in Carlisle; • 22% stated they do not attend events •••Programming: • Strong interest (50- 70%) in reaching every age group, except preschool •••Event types with the most interest: • Music (80%); • Gatherings/festivals (62%); • Nature (61%); • Visual arts (56%); • Theater (53%) •••Publicity: • Residents learn about cultural events primarily from the Carlisle Mosquito (94%) • Only 1 in 4 respondents knew about applying for grants from the Carlisle Cultural Council.

Carlisle Cultural Council Jennifer Sagalyn, Co-Chair Town Hall Carlisle, MA 01741-1582 978-369-6136

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