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Lakeville Arts Council

The mission of the Lakeville Arts Council (LAC) is to support and encourage the arts and culture within our community and surrounding communities. This is accomplished through the events we sponsor and organize completely through volunteerism. The largest event is the annual Lakeville Arts&Music Festival in it's 14th year. At this rain or shine event we encourage the participation of young and old as artists, crafters, musicians, all types of performers, local food vendors such as church organizations and other. We also provide space for non-profit entities to share information such as the Soule Homestead, Humane Society & Shelter South Coast, Nine Lives "No Kill" Cat Shelter, and the Kennedy-Donovan Center to mention a few. Municipal entity such as the Town Clerk participates to enable citizens to register to vote also participates in voting years. We also offer 3 free concerts on Tuesday evenings in July and a holiday gift and a craft event in early December for crafters to participate and all shoppers to continue their holiday purchases.

Lakeville Arts Council 346 Bedford Street Lakeville, MA 02347-2116 508/763-3008

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