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Rockport Cultural Council

The Rockport Cultural Council funds a wide variety of projects involving the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences. Scholarship funds are considered.  Also: ...COVID-19 adaptation and mitigation costs will be considered.  ...Direct funding will be considered for organizations that have fulfilled grants in the past.   ...Capital campaigns and bricks and mortar projects are not funded.  Contacting the Council at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline is strongly recommended and will aid our understanding of your proposal. On the Application Form, “Project Overview - Summarize the proposed project,”  please include answers to:  ...WHAT -  describe your project briefly in 2 sentences;  ...WHO -  key participants;  ...WHEN and WHERE will the project take place;  ...TOTAL PROJECT COST,   ...AMOUNT REQUESTED, and  ...HOW WILL FUNDS BE SPENT?

Rockport Cultural Council Christine Downing Town Hall Rockport, MA 01966-1598 978 309-8555

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